Tamsin Relly

Tamsin Relly’s multi-disciplinary practice includes painting, printmaking and photography. Her work explores environmental disruption, the construction and depletion of wilderness, and both natural and urban spaces in a state of uncertainty. Born in South Africa, Relly’s research has taken her to diverse locations including the Arctic Circle, The Eden Project in Cornwall and Las Vegas; she currently has a large-scale photographic work on display as part of the ‘Polar Worlds’ exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, London.

Relly’s work has been collected and exhibited internationally. She lives and works in South East London.

Beach, 2017, Water-based monotype, 30.5 x 34.5cm (framed), £695 (framed)

Palm Window, 2017, Water-based monotype, 34 x 30.5cm (framed), £650 (framed)

Tamsin Relly, Ice Rink, 2011, Etching, 28 x 38cm, Edition of 15, £210

Light Web IV, 2014, Etching, 28 x 38cm, Edition of 20, £190