Saori Parry

Parry often takes inspiration from ambient noise around her when making work; the resulting images often seem to vibrate and hover in space, appearing delicate and unsettling. This new series of prints is inspired by photographs printed in Japanese newspapers of items that became separated from their owners during the Japanese tsumani of 2011. Despite their obvious poignancy, the images resonate with a sense of otherworldliness that hints at hope. Parry consistently uses a vivid blue in the making of her work that is often associated with spirituality and holds significance within many different religions and cultures worldwide.

Parry’s work has been shown in numerous group exhibitions throughout the UK and Japan. She makes her prints at Slaughterhaus Printmaking Studio in Stockwell, South East London.

Socks (515) #1, 2018, Carborundum monoprint, 44 x 35cm (framed), £240 (framed).

Wristwatch (11) #1, 2018, Carborundum monoprint, 44 x 35cm (framed), £240 (framed)

Necklace (125) #1, 2018, Carborundum monoprint, 44 x 35cm (framed), £240 (framed)